200 Champion

In the summer of 2016, a local logistics company in Northlake, IL experienced fire damage to the exterior on one of the precast wall panels on their warehouse. The damage was sufficient enough that the old panel needed to be removed and replaced with a new panel. HB provided a Turnkey Solution where the existing panel was removed and replaced within a matter of hours ensuring that the warehouse was not exposed to any weather or security issues and the customer’s operations were not inhibited.

HB provided a Turnkey Solution by:

  • Surveying the existing panel and connections
  • Procuring the new panel
  • Removing the existing panel and disposing of it
  • Modifying the existing foundation for the new panel requirements
  • Installing the new panel
  • Grouting and caulking the panel joints

Hauter Bros VP Adam Hauter personally oversaw the project and worked in concert with the customer, precast producer and field crews to develop a detailed plan to execute the work. Initially, Adam surveyed the existing panel and foundation and then worked directly with the new precast producer and the original panel supplier to guarantee that the new panel met the engineering requirements. Then Adam developed a rigging & hoisting plan to safely remove the damaged panel and install the new panel. After the successful installation of the panel, the new connections were installed, the joints were grouted and caulked and the architectural patching was completed for a final successful project completion.