International Retailer

In 2015, a major international retailer was expanding their fulfillment capabilities in the Joliet area. They purchased an existing warehouse and repurposed the facility for their needs by designing 42 new dock doors as well as an additional 21 other openings, mandoors and windows in the existing precast wall panels. The project had an accelerated timeline with a drop dead date for building turnover.

Hauter Brothers was chosen to provide all the new openings in the precast. HB worked with the General Contractor to develop a schedule and a plan where HB had teams of men performing the different tasks in production line format. This assured quicker turn over so that other sub-contractors could perform their work, resulting in a successful scheduled finish date.

HB needed to complete the following tasks:

  • Layout, install & epoxy rebar “pins”
  • Cutting & disposal of precast
  • Remove insulation
  • Install #7 rebar in between panel wythes
  • Forming & pressure grouting of panel wythes
  • Finish architectural patching.

Longtime veteran of precast wall panels, Bob Heiden managed the project for Hauter Brothers. He developed specific crews to perform each of the separate tasks in order to promote repetitive skill for each of the men, thereby shortening the overall time frame. As the lead crews finished the initial tasks, they then dropped back to start the finishing details required.

HB completed the project on time within the five week schedule.