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A Precast Concrete Services Company You Can Have Confidence In

Whether you have a major precast concrete project ready to go or a small repair, our trusted precast services company is ready to work with you. We offer a variety of precast services that include:

  • Precast concrete erecting focusing on hollowcore, beams & columns
  • Architectural patching
  • Controlled demolition of precast concrete
  • Precast openings and restoration
  • Caulking – Detailing Services

Why Choose Us as Your Contractor?

As recognized experts in precast concrete services, our company has you covered.

Licensed and Insured

Our crews are licensed, insured and have years of experience in the precast concrete construction industry. The pride taken in our work is unmatched and your business will benefit from our services whether we make a repair or work with you on new construction.

Solution Driven & Customer Care Driven

Businesses appreciate the focus on customer service that we have had driving us since our inception 10 years ago. When you have a need for precast concrete repair or construction, we offer solutions to solve your problems, not add to them. We can also take on the management of the project so you don’t have to use your own administrative resources.

Experience & Quality Craftsmanship

Our crews have over 30 years of experience in precast concrete work. This experience is why our work is always top-quality and enables us to find solutions that are cost-effective. Our knowledge has enabled us to bring quality craftsmanship to every project we work on.

Award Winning Vendor

In 2017, we won an award from Arco Murray as a Chicago Building Contractor of the year during their Vendor of the Year Awards.

Relationship building is essential to how we work with our clients. For more information on how Hauter Brothers can help you with your next project, contact us today at 708-949-8091.